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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roland Guillon, 5 books
Kenny Mathieson, 3 books
Burt Korall, 1 book
Iron Werther, 1 book
Red Norvo, 1 book
Mary Boone, 1 book
Ira Gitler, 1 book
Jacques Aboucaya, 1 book
Brent Edstrom, 1 book
Lewis MacAdams, 1 book
Marshall Arisman, 1 book
Jack Kerouac, 1 book
Leonard Feather, 1 book
Alyn Shipton, 1 book
Edward Allan Faine, 1 book
Miller, Mark, 1 book
David Baker, 1 book
Alain Tercinet, 1 book
Franck Bergerot, 1 book
Arnaud Merlin, 1 book
Jim Chapin, 1 book
David N. Baker, 1 book
Scott Yanow, 1 book
Evan Sarzin, 1 book
Artt Frank, 1 book


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