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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeffrey Meyers, 3 books
Harold Bloom, 3 books
Ira Bruce Nadel, 3 books
Stan Britt, 2 books
Joseph M. Flora, 2 books
Harry Rasky, 2 books
C. Arnold Snyder, 2 books
Delaney, John J., 2 books
Emory Elliott, 2 books
Robert Bain, 2 books
Richard Marius, 2 books
Lyle W. Dorsett, 2 books
William E. Fredeman, 2 books
Richard P. Hardy, 2 books
Davis, Hugh, 2 books
Armstrong, Margaret, 2 books
Charles Yrigoyen, 2 books
Paul Buhle, 2 books
Alister E. McGrath, 2 books
Robert Coles, 2 books
Matthew Joseph Bruccoli, 2 books
Sigrid Damm, 2 books
Daniel L. Kirkpatrick, 2 books
Clare Cushman, 2 books
George A. E. Parfitt, 2 books


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