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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bryan Perrett, 16 books
Jon E. Lewis, 13 books
J. F. C. Fuller, 10 books
Young, Peter, 9 books
Hiro Mashima, 8 books
Charles Whiting, 8 books
Geoffrey Regan, 8 books
Takayanagi, Mitsutoshi, 6 books
Creasy, Edward Shepherd Sir, 6 books
Richard Holmes, 6 books
William Seymour, 6 books
Chris McNab, 5 books
Alfred Higgins Burne, 5 books
Kelly DeVries, 5 books
David Chandler, 5 books
John Perritano, 5 books
Laffin, John., 5 books
W. H. Fitchett, 4 books
G. B. Malleson, 4 books
G. A. Henty, 4 books
Ian V. Hogg, 4 books
Henry William Harrison, 4 books
Bill Fawcett, 4 books
Donald Featherstone, 4 books
R. G. Grant, 4 books


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