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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dan Peterman, 4 books
Dona Z. Meilach, 4 books
Duncan Macmillan, 3 books
Tally Oliveau, 3 books
Sloane Tanen, 2 books
Lea Vergine, 2 books
Hyŏn-suk Kim, 2 books
Daniel Spoerri, 2 books
Marc Morvan, 2 books
Bill Bissett, 2 books
Kolář, Jiří, 2 books
Feliza Bursztyn, 1 book
Pierre Restany, 1 book
Lynne Perrella, 1 book
Sue Astroth, 1 book
Roch Plante, 1 book
Thomas, Sarah, 1 book
Sandi Genovese, 1 book
Susan Harris, 1 book
Norman Laliberté, 1 book
Galerie Beyeler., 1 book
Wallace Berman, 1 book
Candy Jernigan, 1 book
Gerald McConnell, 1 book
Victor D'Amico, 1 book


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