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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Achille Bonito Oliva, 9 books
Joseph Kosuth, 7 books
Gordon Matta-Clark, 6 books
Joseph Beuys, 6 books
Germano Celant, 6 books
David W. Galenson, 5 books
Alexander Alberro, 5 books
Mario Merz, 5 books
Daniel Buren, 5 books
Lucy R. Lippard, 5 books
Christo, 5 books
Capp Street Project (San Francisco, Calif.), 5 books
Hans Haacke, 4 books
Dan Peterman, 4 books
Charles Harrison, 4 books
Anne Rorimer, 4 books
Ugo La Pietra, 4 books
Susan Hiller, 4 books
Davi Det Hompson, 4 books
Egidio Marzona, 4 books
Gloria Moure, 4 books
Wolf Jahn, 4 books
Luis Camnitzer, 4 books
Allen Ruppersberg, 3 books
Caroline Tisdall, 3 books


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