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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paula Vine, 4 books
Ibrahim Al Abed, 4 books
Colin Mackerras, 4 books
Richard Robison, 4 books
Kevin Hewison, 4 books
Wang, Gungwu., 3 books
Milton E. Osborne, 3 books
Nicholas Tarling, 3 books
Garry Rodan, 3 books
Anthony Reid, 2 books
John Ravenhill, 2 books
Ross Garnaut, 2 books
Zheng, Yongnian., 2 books
Wang Gungwu, 2 books
Mahabub Hossain, 2 books
Chih-p'ing Chou, 2 books
Hal Hill, 2 books
Martin Stuart-Fox, 2 books
G.H. Schokker, 2 books
P.J. Worseley, 2 books
Scott E. Guggenheim, 2 books
Ch&#39, 2 books
Y&#244ngho oe, 2 books
T. Narramore, 2 books
Terry Narramore, 2 books


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