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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Upton Sinclair, 5 books
Barry Lord, 5 books
Pierre Bourdieu, 4 books
Russell Ferguson, 3 books
Shannon Steen, 3 books
Rainer Metzger, 3 books
Bärbel Schrader, 3 books
Jack B. Kamerman, 2 books
V. G. Golovanova, 2 books
A. V. Kukarkin, 2 books
Shannon Jackson, 2 books
Alberto Abruzzese, 2 books
Arnold Hauser, 2 books
Robert Alan Neustadt, 2 books
Maurice Berger, 2 books
Matthew Gumpert, 2 books
Vadim Rudnev, 2 books
Néstor García Canclini, 2 books
Stefanov, Ivan, 2 books
Eva Hoffman, 2 books
Gary O. Larson, 2 books
Lucien Goldmann, 2 books
Don Adams, 2 books
Alfredo De Paz, 2 books
Mario Perniola, 2 books


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