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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gloria K. Fiero, 5 books
Serge Fauchereau, 4 books
Juan García Ponce, 3 books
Giovanni Lista, 3 books
Tod Lippy, 3 books
Guy Scarpetta, 3 books
José Pierre, 3 books
Amelia Jones, 3 books
Alain Virmaux, 3 books
René Passeron, 3 books
Douglas Kahn, 2 books
David W. Galenson, 2 books
Georges Hugnet, 2 books
Arnold Schoenberg, 2 books
Umbro Apollonio, 2 books
Henri Dorra, 2 books
Gillo Dorfles, 2 books
Carl-Peter Buschkühle, 2 books
Peter Childs, 2 books
Dora Panofsky, 2 books
David Cottington, 2 books
Conrad, Peter, 2 books
Marvin A. Carlson, 2 books
RoseLee Goldberg, 2 books
O. K. Werckmeister, 2 books


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