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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
György Lukács, 10 books
Annemarie Gethmann-Siefert, 8 books
Aaron Ridley, 5 books
V. V. Bychkov, 5 books
Gérard Genette, 5 books
Mario Perniola, 5 books
Rosario Assunto, 5 books
Beat Wyss, 4 books
Paul Virilio, 4 books
Wolfgang Welsch, 4 books
Rainer Rochlitz, 4 books
P. V. Zima, 3 books
Friedrich Schiller, 3 books
Joséphin Péladan, 3 books
Clive Cazeaux, 3 books
Sergio Givone, 3 books
Dietmar Kamper, 3 books
K. M. Dolgov, 3 books
Otto Pöggeler, 3 books
Viktor Mazin, 3 books
Jacques Rancière, 3 books
Jean-Marie Schaeffer, 3 books
Ole Wivel, 3 books
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, 3 books
Christoph Asendorf, 3 books


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