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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Hallmann, 2 books
Joe Francis Dowden, 2 books
Joseph Batty, 2 books
Hugh Edwards, 2 books
Jim Woods, 2 books
Fraser Street, 2 books
Andrew Nairne, 2 books
Janet Whittle, 2 books
Philip Rylands, 1 book
Jane Harris, 1 book
Michele Palmer, 1 book
Henry Serrano Villard, 1 book
Pierre Schneider, 1 book
David Batchelor, 1 book
Richard Morphet, 1 book
Bill McBride, 1 book
James Casebere, 1 book
Abraham Marie Hammacher, 1 book
Larry., 1 book
Pierre Restany, 1 book
Anatoly Ivanov, 1 book
Ad Petersen, 1 book
Jonathan Watkins, 1 book
Eduard Trier, 1 book
Robynn Clairday, 1 book


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