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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daniel Defoe, 19 books
Ludwig Lavater, 10 books
Joseph Glanvill, 9 books
Daniel Cohen, 5 books
Camille Flammarion, 3 books
Augustin Calmet, 3 books
Nicholas Sparks, 3 books
Robert Dale Owen, 3 books
Increase Mather, 3 books
Shaocong Pan, 3 books
Richard Baxter, 3 books
Begbie, Harold, 2 books
John Chesselden, 2 books
Frank Podmore, 2 books
Beaumont, John, 2 books
Max Kemmerich, 2 books
Pierre le Loyer, 2 books
Hezekiah Goodwin, 2 books
Ed Okonowicz, 2 books
Patricia Treece, 2 books
Bud Macfarlane, 2 books
Daren King, 2 books
Thomas Dawson, 2 books
Edmund Jones, 2 books
Douglas Arthur Hill, 2 books


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