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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
H. B. Spotton, 6 books
Gerard J. Tortora, 4 books
Casey A. Wood, 3 books
John T. Hansen, 3 books
Frederic Martini, 3 books
Richard S. Snell, 3 books
Frank H. Netter, 3 books
J. Rickenbacher, 2 books
Molly Aloian, 2 books
Marcel Oria, 2 books
Katherine Esau, 2 books
Grant Allen, 2 books
Keith L. Moore, 2 books
Serge Tixa, 2 books
Elaine Nicpon Marieb, 2 books
Stephen G. Waxman, 2 books
Ralph T. Hutchings, 2 books
Frédéric Delavier, 2 books
G. Arnold, 2 books
H.M. Beier, 2 books
M. Herrmann, 2 books
H.-J. Kretschmann, 2 books
W. Kühnel, 2 books
J. Winckler, 2 books
Jean-Claude Laberche, 2 books


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