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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cornelis van Vollenhoven, 7 books
Soerjono Soekanto, 6 books
Wayan P. Windia, 6 books
M. B. Hooker, 5 books
Hilman Hadikusuma, 5 books
Barend ter Haar, 5 books
Chidir Ali, 4 books
Mohammad Koesnoe, 4 books
Supomo R., 4 books
M. Mas Djojodigoeno, 3 books
Soekanto, 3 books
Kurnia Warman, 3 books
Abdurrahman, 3 books
I Wayan Surpha, 3 books
Dominikus Rato, 3 books
Iman Sudiyat, 2 books
Soepomo R., 2 books
Alwi bin Alhady, 2 books
Victor Emanuel Korn, 2 books
Surojo Wignjodipuro, 2 books
Mohtar bin Md. Dom Haji., 2 books
W. L. G. Lemaire, 2 books
Muhammad Bakri, 2 books
Othman Ishak., 2 books
Norhalim Ibrahim., 2 books


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