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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sarawak., 8 books
Charles Hose, 6 books
Yusuf bin Abang Puteh Abang, 6 books
Tom Harrisson, 5 books
Chang, Pat Foh., 5 books
Zizheng Liu, 4 books
Jeniri Amir., 4 books
Reece, Bob, 4 books
Ritchie, James, 3 books
Jayum A. Jawan., 3 books
James Ritchie, 3 books
Daniel Chew, 2 books
J. P. Andriesse, 2 books
Andrew Peng Hui Chew, 2 books
Tie, Yiu Liong., 2 books
Anthony Brooke, 2 books
T. Hatch, 2 books
Pringle, Robert, 2 books
Lucas Chin, 2 books
S. K. Lam, 2 books
St. John, Spenser Sir, 2 books
Sarawak. Jabatan Perhutanan., 2 books
W. J. Chater, 2 books
Wade Davis, 2 books
Ooi, Keat Gin, 2 books


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