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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Christopher Hart, 40 books
Watson Guptill Publications, 31 books
Wendon Blake, 12 books
Sherri Haab, 10 books
Lee J. Ames, 8 books
Steven Heller, 8 books
Various, 8 books
David E. Carter, 7 books
Steve Miller, 6 books
Burne Hogarth, 6 books
Donelson F. Hoopes, 6 books
Arthur Leighton Guptill, 5 books
Aurora Cuito, 5 books
Hart, Christopher., 5 books
David Lewis, 5 books
Joaquim Chavarria, 5 books
Joyce Raimondo, 5 books
J. M. Parramón, 5 books
Mary Gilliatt, 5 books
Ferdinand Petrie, 4 books
Robert Kaupelis, 4 books
Werner, Alfred, 4 books
Susan Rayfield, 4 books
Stephen Quiller, 4 books
Ernest W. Watson, 4 books

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