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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
J. Frank Dobie, 17 books
John W. F. Dulles, 12 books
W. W. Rostow, 10 books
Frederick Luis Aldama, 9 books
Howard Garrett, 8 books
Alexander Frank Skutch, 7 books
Rulfo, Juan., 7 books
David G. McComb, 7 books
David William Foster, 7 books
Keith Carter, 7 books
Jan Reid, 6 books
Pete Dunne, 6 books
Thad Sitton, 6 books
Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, 6 books
Brian S. Bauer, 6 books
Andrews, Jean, 6 books
Demosthenes, 6 books
Dan Stanislawski, 5 books
H. Joaquin Jackson, 5 books
Thomas Mabry Cranfill, 5 books
Jorge Luis Borges, 5 books
Jean Holloway, 5 books
Andrew Horton, 5 books
Laura Furman, 5 books
Roderic Ai Camp, 5 books


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