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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
J. Frank Dobie, 17 books
John W. F. Dulles, 12 books
Frederick Luis Aldama, 10 books
W. W. Rostow, 10 books
Howard Garrett, 10 books
Thad Sitton, 8 books
Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, 8 books
Demosthenes, 8 books
Alexander Frank Skutch, 7 books
Rulfo, Juan., 7 books
David G. McComb, 7 books
David William Foster, 7 books
Charles Bowden, 7 books
Keith Carter, 7 books
Clarice Lispector, 7 books
Jan Reid, 6 books
Roderic Ai Camp, 6 books
Pete Dunne, 6 books
Roland H. Wauer, 6 books
M. M. Bakhtin, 6 books
Gary Urton, 6 books
Brian S. Bauer, 6 books
W. W. Rostow, 6 books
Andrews, Jean, 6 books
William Roger Louis, 6 books

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