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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Edward Wagenknecht, 23 books
Jerome A. Greene, 22 books
Thompson, John Eric Sidney Sir, 18 books
Geoffrey Chaucer, 15 books
Grant Foreman, 14 books
Robert H. Ruby, 14 books
Douglas D. Scott, 13 books
Robert K. DeArment, 13 books
George Miksch Sutton, 12 books
Robert J. Conley, 12 books
Will Bagley, 12 books
Gerald Robert Vizenor, 11 books
T. Lindsay Baker, 11 books
George E. Hyde, 11 books
Ramon F. Adams, 11 books
Grant Foreman, 11 books
Washington Irving, 10 books
Diane Glancy, 10 books
Stan Hoig, 10 books
Richard W. Etulain, 10 books
James Willard Schultz, 10 books
Roger L. Nichols, 10 books
Arrell Morgan Gibson, 10 books
W. Raymond Wood, 9 books
Mark Twain, 9 books

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