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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
T. G. Cutler, 118 books
Gary B. Nash, 31 books
George Brown Tindall, 31 books
Irb Media, 30 books
David R. Goldfield, 29 books
John Mack Faragher, 27 books
Eric Foner, 26 books
James A. Henretta, 26 books
Julie Roy Jeffrey, 25 books
David M. Kennedy, 25 books
John Arthur Garraty, 25 books
R. Hal Williams, 24 books
David Emory Shi, 24 books
Allen F. Davis, 23 books
Lawrence Knorr, 23 books
Peter J. Frederick, 22 books
Gary B. Nash, 22 books
Carl Abbott, 21 books
McGraw-Hill, 21 books
John R. Howe, 21 books
Virginia Loh-Hagan, 21 books
Frederick Douglass, 20 books
Tamra Orr, 19 books
Joy Hakim, 19 books
Joe Farley, 19 books


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