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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Anon, 22 books
Martin Gayford, 3 books
Harry Cory Wright, 3 books
Mateo Kries, 3 books
Pippa Goodhart, 3 books
Michael Bracewell, 3 books
Philip Matyszak, 2 books
Charlotte Cotton, 2 books
Peter Furtado, 2 books
Will Self, 2 books
Stuart Baker, 2 books
John Haywood, 2 books
Robert Violette, 2 books
Kari Lundelin, 2 books
Iwona Blazwick, 2 books
Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2 books
Boris Mikhailov, 2 books
David Campany, 2 books
Jennifer Higgie, 2 books
Sophie Calle, 2 books
Tony Smibert, 2 books
Rolf Fehlbaum, 2 books
Lydia Yee, 2 books
Beatrice Alemagna, 2 books
Joyce Townsend, 2 books

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