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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ian Alexander Cameron, 9 books
Gyorgy Kepes, 8 books
Franco Magnani, 7 books
Kenneth Jameson, 7 books
Patricia Monahan, 7 books
Sherban Cantacuzino, 6 books
Jenny Rodwell, 6 books
Raymond Durgnat, 5 books
Hughes, Graham, 5 books
John Portchmouth, 5 books
Ian Cameron, 5 books
Eric Quayle, 4 books
Mario Amaya, 4 books
William Buller Fagg, 4 books
Manvell, Roger, 4 books
Walther Scheidig, 4 books
Irene Waller, 4 books
Michael Rothenstein, 4 books
Theo Crosby, 4 books
Anthony Bertram, 4 books
Felix Gluck, 4 books
Sheila Jackson, 4 books
Bevis Hillier, 4 books
John Raynes, 4 books
Adrian Keith Graham Hill, 4 books

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