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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Leslie A. Fiedler, 14 books
Charles Whiting, 14 books
Edwin Palmer Hoyt, 12 books
Susan Howatch, 11 books
J. B. Priestley, 8 books
Craig, David, 8 books
Derek Lambert, 8 books
John Crosby, 7 books
Robert Hendrickson, 7 books
Elia Kazan, 7 books
Jack Higgins, 7 books
Pat Flower, 7 books
Laurence Meynell, 6 books
J. R. L. Anderson, 6 books
Parkinson, Roger., 6 books
Kenneth John Macksey, 6 books
Stubbs, Jean, 6 books
Gordon Thomas, 6 books
David Frost, 6 books
Michael Freedland, 6 books
Leslie A. Fiedler, 6 books
Alexander McKee, 6 books
Bertram David Wolfe, 6 books
Christy Brown, 6 books
Kay Shaw Nelson, 5 books

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