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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ulrich Kruerke, 14 books
Ingeborg Schumann, 10 books
Edith Schleitzer-Rust, 10 books
Adolf Slawisch, 9 books
Therald Moeller, 6 books
Johannes Fussel, 6 books
Jurgen Faust, 5 books
Hubert Bitterer, 5 books
Gerhard Czack, 5 books
C. A. Brebbia, 5 books
Cornelius Keller, 4 books
Serge Lang, 4 books
Anton Meller, 4 books
Hartmut Katscher, 4 books
Walter Greiner, 4 books
J. L. Vincent, 3 books
Dieter Koschel, 3 books
Hartmut Bergmann, 3 books
Gerhard Kirschstein, 3 books
Horst Wedemeyer, 3 books
Peter Merlet, 3 books
Marlis Mirbach, 3 books
Wolfgang Kurtz, 3 books
Helga Hartwig, 3 books
T. Chard, 3 books

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