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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Curzon, 142 books
F. Max Müller, 19 books
Nicholas Awde, 9 books
Arthur John Arberry, 7 books
James George Frazer, 7 books
Chris Rowley, 7 books
Tudor Parfitt, 7 books
Denis Sinor, 6 books
C. A. Storey, 6 books
Gordon Innes, 6 books
John R. Krueger, 6 books
Martin Edmonds, 6 books
Ole Bruun, 6 books
R. L. Turner, 5 books
Ian Rich Netton, 5 books
Carmen Blacker, 4 books
Chris Humphreys, 4 books
Hugo Dobson, 4 books
Robert Ash, 4 books
Nicholas Poppe, 4 books
J. H. Davidson, 4 books
Anderson, 4 books
Ian Nish, 4 books
Glenn D. Hook, 4 books
Sven Cederroth, 4 books

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