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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Rough Guides, 456 books
Rob Humphreys, 55 books
Martin Dunford, 51 books
Greg Ward, 47 books
Jules Brown, 43 books
ROUGH GUIDES, 39 books
Mark Ellingham, 36 books
Lexus, 34 books
Marc Dubin, 29 books
Dan Richardson, 28 books
Phil Lee, 26 books
Robert Andrews, 23 books
Tim Jepson, 23 books
John Fisher, 22 books
Lexus (Firm), 20 books
Jack Holland, 19 books
Lucy Ridout, 19 books
Jonathan Buckley, 18 books
Paul Whitfield, 18 books
Paul Gray, 18 books
Jonathan Bousfield, 17 books
David Abram, 17 books
World Music Network, 16 books
Jan Dodd, 15 books
Matthew Teller, 15 books

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