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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jake Logan, 20 books
Thomas Mario, 8 books
St. James, Blakely., 7 books
Graham Diamond, 5 books
Jeffrey Feinman, 4 books
Adler, Bill, 4 books
Arthur Knight, 3 books
Hubert Selby, 3 books
Edwin Silberstang, 3 books
Rachel Cosgrove Payes, 3 books
Richard Hammer, 3 books
Robert Metz, 3 books
Howard Cosell, 3 books
Rosemarie Santini, 2 books
Peter Lars Sandberg, 2 books
Max Gunther, 2 books
Ralph L. Carnes, 2 books
Michael Collins, 2 books
Margaret Sebastian, 2 books
Allan Sherman, 2 books
William Woolfolk, 2 books
Charity Blackstock, 2 books
Al Morgan, 2 books
King, David, 2 books
Theo Lippman, 2 books


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