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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Chris Knopf, 8 books
Larry Duberstein, 8 books
Michael Stein, 5 books
Howard Owen, 5 books
Rob Levandoski, 5 books
Judith Shepard, 4 books
Robert Wintner, 4 books
Mitch Cullin, 4 books
K. C. Frederick, 4 books
Sandra Jean Scofield, 4 books
Reed Farrel Coleman, 4 books
Berry Fleming, 4 books
Fran Landesman, 3 books
Domenic Stansberry, 3 books
Conor Bowman, 3 books
Dan Rattiner, 3 books
David Galef, 3 books
William Browning Spencer, 3 books
Alan Levy, 3 books
Marco Vassi, 3 books
Kermit Moyer, 2 books
M. Cruz, 2 books
Stephen March, 2 books
Robert J. Leydenfrost, 2 books
Richard Lortz, 2 books


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