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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henry James Jr., 48 books
Danielle Steel, 22 books
Arthur Conan Doyle OL161167A, 20 books
Ernest Hemingway, 16 books
Elizabeth Adler, 16 books
Saul Bellow, 15 books
Robert Ludlum, 15 books
Arthur Conan Doyle, 14 books
Barbara Kingsolver, 14 books
Karen Marie Moning, 13 books
Edith Wharton, 13 books
Jeanne M. Dams, 13 books
Suzanne Brockmann, 12 books
Paul Theroux, 12 books
Steve Berry, 11 books
Mark Twain, 11 books
Nora Roberts, 11 books
Diane Johnson, 11 books
Aaron J. Elkins, 11 books
United States. Internal Revenue Service., 11 books
Washington Irving, 10 books
Eric Flint, 10 books
Nathaniel Hawthorne, 10 books
Candace Camp, 10 books
Joseph Kanon, 9 books


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