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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark Twain, 27 books
Danielle Steel, 8 books
John Steinbeck, 8 books
Atsuko Asano, 8 books
Howard Jacobson, 7 books
Chaim Potok, 6 books
Julian Barnes, 6 books
Carol Birch, 6 books
Randall Wallace, 5 books
Jerome Klapka Jerome, 5 books
Chigusa Kawai, 5 books
Julian Barnes, 5 books
Ian Caldwell, 4 books
Rex Pickett, 4 books
Tommy Wieringa, 4 books
Graham Greene, 4 books
Michael Frayn, 4 books
Michael Cunningham, 4 books
Walter Mosley, 4 books
Paolo Cognetti, 4 books
Jayson James, 3 books
Jeffrey Lewis, 3 books
Khaled Hosseini, 3 books
William Benemann, 3 books
John Schlesinger, 3 books