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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Danielle Steel, 67 books
William Shakespeare, 56 books
Jayne Ann Krentz, 20 books
Patricia Moyes, 20 books
Frances Louise Davis Lockridge, 17 books
Sue Miller, 11 books
Nicholas Sparks, 10 books
Ruth Ashby, 8 books
Lisa Unger, 7 books
Edith Wharton, 7 books
Plain, Belva., 7 books
George Eliot, 7 books
Christopher P. Andersen, 7 books
Agatha Christie, 7 books
Les Parrott, 6 books
Mary Higgins Clark, 6 books
John Updike, 6 books
Anita Stansfield, 6 books
Anne Tyler, 6 books
Iris Murdoch, 5 books
Carrie Bebris, 5 books
Gary Smalley, 5 books
Catherine Coulter, 5 books
F. Scott Fitzgerald, 5 books
Dr. Les Parrott III, 5 books


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