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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Passport Books, 27 books
Robert S. Kane, 16 books
Peggy Kenna, 15 books
Boye De Mente, 14 books
Ellis, D. L., 12 books
Joshua Eliot, 11 books
Marlene Goodman, 10 books
Thomas Cook, 8 books
Carol Barnett, 8 books
Ben Box, 7 books
Alan Murphy, 7 books
Shirley Baldwin, 7 books
Caroline Courtauld, 7 books
Catherine Bruzzone, 7 books
Emma Stanford, 7 books
Albert H. Small, 6 books
Angela Wilkes, 6 books
Elisabeth Morris, 6 books
Alzina Stone Dale, 6 books
Carole Chester, 6 books
Mike Gerrard, 6 books
Andrew Sanger, 6 books
Judy Bonavia, 6 books
Simon Holledge, 6 books


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