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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Doris Lessing, 10 books
Flann O'Brien, 7 books
Halliwell, Leslie., 6 books
Peter Vilhelm Glob, 4 books
Philip K. Dick, 4 books
Leslie Halliwell, 4 books
Douglas Holly, 3 books
John Hillaby, 3 books
Aleksandr Zinov'ev, 3 books
Brian Moore, 3 books
James Joyce, 3 books
Janet Bord, 3 books
Barry Gifford, 3 books
Hubert Selby, 3 books
Leonardo Sciascia, 3 books
Janet Frame, 3 books
Gabriel Josipovici, 3 books
Hermann Hesse, 3 books
Chris Stapleton, 2 books
Don Bloch, 2 books
Trevor Rowley, 2 books
Ian Wilson, 2 books
Elizabeth North, 2 books
Jane Rawlinson, 2 books
Johan Huizinga, 2 books


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