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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
E. OE. Somerville, 29 books
Morgan Llywelyn, 28 books
Peter Tremayne, 28 books
Ken Bruen, 27 books
Peter Tremayne, 26 books
Nora Roberts, 22 books
Carla Neggers, 21 books
Colm Tóibín, 21 books
Bartholomew Gill, 15 books
Maeve Binchy, 14 books
Graham Masterton, 14 books
Cecelia Ahern, 13 books
William Trevor, 13 books
Cora Harrison, 13 books
Graham Masterton, 13 books
Kate Thompson, 12 books
Roddy Doyle, 12 books
G. A. Henty, 11 books
William Carleton, 11 books
Edna O'Brien, 11 books
Anthony Trollope, 10 books
Taylor, Patrick, 10 books
Edna O'Brien, 10 books
Maeve Binchy, 10 books
Samuel Lover, 9 books


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