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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Alan Bridgewater, 14 books
John Bailey, 10 books
Rowland Mead, 7 books
Jack Jackson, 6 books
Robin Gauldie, 6 books
Carol Deacon, 6 books
Martin Cheek, 5 books
David Squire, 5 books
Daniel Ford, 4 books
Garth Hattingh, 4 books
Cheryl Owen, 4 books
Caroline Green, 4 books
Andrew Duncan, 3 books
Richard Jones, 3 books
J.R. Press, 3 books
Graeme Addison, 3 books
Rosemary Wilkinson, 3 books
Martha Ospina, 3 books
Tom Savio, 3 books
Sue Bryant, 3 books
Mike Gerrard, 3 books
Lawson Wood, 3 books
Mike Lawrence, 3 books
Bob Gibbons, 3 books
Brigitte Lee, 2 books


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