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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Christine Butterworth, 34 books
Krailing, Tessa, 24 books
Hannie Truijens, 24 books
Donna Bailey, 24 books
David Orme, 23 books
Wendy Wren, 23 books
Jessie Reid, 22 books
Denis Vincent, 21 books
Margaret Donaldson, 19 books
Michael de la Mare, 18 books
Rita Ray, 18 books
Sloan, 15 books
Keith Gaines, 15 books
Vera Southgate, 14 books
Sue Finnie, 14 books
Margaret Williams, 13 books
Peter Sloan, 13 books
Sheryl Sloan, 13 books
Philip Sauvain, 13 books
Ronald Deadman, 12 books
H. Truijens, 12 books
J. Reid, 11 books
et al, 11 books
Bryan Goodman-Stephens, 11 books
Edith Biggs, 11 books

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