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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Straus, 4 books
Ascher, 4 books
Ursule Molinaro, 4 books
Frederick Ted Castle, 4 books
Thomas McEvilley, 3 books
Jaimy Gordon, 2 books
Howard McCord, 2 books
Anna Maria Ortese, 2 books
George Robert Minkoff, 2 books
Kelly, Robert, 2 books
Paul West, 2 books
West, Paul, 2 books
Henry Martin, 2 books
Valéry Larbaud, 2 books
Carolee Schneemann, 2 books
Gianfranco Baruchello, 2 books
Susana Fortes, 2 books
Giorgio Manganelli, 2 books
Ascher/Straus, 2 books
Edward Dahlberg, 1 book
Stan Brakhage, 1 book
Pamela Frankau, 1 book
Pamela Zoline, 1 book
Frank, Peter, 1 book
Maya Deren, 1 book


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