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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
McGraw Hill, 2815 books
McGraw-Hill, 1326 books
Donald BEAR, 642 books
McGraw-Hill Education, 520 books
Donald Bear, 238 books
WrightGroup/McGraw-Hill, 214 books
McGraw-Hill Education Staff, 212 books
McGraw-Hill Education Editors, 208 books
Julie Miller, 181 books
Max Bell, 155 books
WRIGHT GROUP, 148 books
Sra, 123 books
Molly O'Neill, 113 books
Contemporary, 111 books
Nancy Hyde, 107 books
McGraw-Hill Staff, 103 books
Ron Larson, 102 books
Bell et, 97 books
Sherri Messersmith, 93 books
Hackett, 93 books
Robert S. Feldman, 83 books
Engelmann, 81 books
Robinson, John, 74 books
Brian Spilker, 74 books
Sylvia S. Mader, 70 books

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