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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Butterworth, 17 books
Canada, 9 books
Rand McNally, 8 books
K. M. Graham, 7 books
E. R. Hardy Ivamy, 7 books
Brian W. Harvey, 6 books
T. F. Gaffney, 6 books
J. C. Smith, 5 books
Richard Card, 5 books
Michie Company Editorial, 5 books
Nigel Eastaway, 5 books
C. H. Sherrin, 4 books
Anthony R. Mellows, 4 books
Stuart Baker, 4 books
E. H. Burn, 4 books
Norman Selwyn, 4 books
Hardinge Stanley Giffard Halsbury, 4 books
A. P. Carr, 4 books
Moiz Sadikali, 4 books
B. L. Jones, 4 books
John N. Adams, 4 books
M. J. Evans, 4 books
Christopher P. Rodgers, 4 books
A. M. Dugdale, 4 books
Clive V. Margrave-Jones, 4 books

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