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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Rascal., 48 books
Michel Gay, 41 books
Grégoire Solotareff, 40 books
Kimiko, 37 books
Alex Sanders, 36 books
Nadja, 35 books
Philippe Dumas, 33 books
Bénédicte Guettier, 31 books
Alan Mets, 26 books
Claude Ponti, 26 books
Claude Boujon, 25 books
Susie Morgenstern, 25 books
Moka, 24 books
Marie-Aude Murail, 24 books
Elzbieta., 24 books
Anaïs Vaugelade, 23 books
Claude K. Dubois, 22 books
Yak Rivais, 22 books
Pierrick Bisinski, 21 books
Frédéric Stehr, 20 books
Tomi Ungerer, 19 books
Yvan Pommaux, 19 books
Philippe Corentin, 18 books
Jean-Charles Sarrazin, 18 books
Mario Ramos, 17 books

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