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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jerry J. Weygandt, 744 books
Jnl, 408 books
David Halliday, 282 books
Kieso, 276 books
ValuSource, 214 books
Patrick R. Delaney, 194 books
Tortora, 181 books
Delaney, 166 books
WILEY, 156 books
Howard Anton, 156 books
Polyme, 129 books
Cutnell, 120 books
Kimmel, 119 books
T. W. Graham Solomons, 116 books
Donald E. Kieso, 111 books
Schermerhorn, 103 books
HUFFMAN, 96 books
Irvin N. Gleim, 92 books
Dawson, 84 books
John Wiley & Sons Inc, 82 books
Hughes-Hallett, 82 books
Saturnino L. Salas, 77 books
John R. Schermerhorn, 75 books
Karen Huffman, 74 books
Stern, 74 books

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