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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jean Campbell, 14 books
PieceWork Magazine, 12 books
Ann Budd, 9 books
Erika Knight, 6 books
Christopher Hobbs, 6 books
Vicki Square, 6 books
Ann Budd, 6 books
Nancy Bush, 6 books
Pam Allen, 5 books
Susan Belsinger, 5 books
Carol Strickler, 4 books
Sandy Maine, 4 books
Judith L. Swartz, 4 books
Kristin Omdahl, 4 books
Sara Lamb, 4 books
Kate McKinnon, 4 books
Diane Fitzgerald, 4 books
Lee Raven, 3 books
Carol Huber Cypher, 3 books
Leonard D. DuBoff, 3 books
Lily M. Chin, 3 books
Louisa Harding, 3 books
Shannon Okey, 3 books
Tone Takle, 3 books
Interweave Press, 3 books

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