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Hakusuisha Publisher - 274 works / 1 ebook

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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Masakatsu Gunji, 9 books
Iwao Owa, 7 books
Kanichi Nomoto, 4 books
Iwao Ōwa, 4 books
Shibusawa, Tatsuhiko, 3 books
Tomita, Hitoshi, 3 books
Sekiyama, Kazuo, 3 books
Kazuhiro Tatsumi, 3 books
Akihito Hirabayashi, 3 books
Kazuhiro Tatsumi, 3 books
Tada, Chimako., 2 books
Robin Gill, 2 books
Betsuyaku, Minoru, 2 books
Nagasawa, Kazutoshi, 2 books
Yoshida, Hidekazu, 2 books
Ozawa, Shōichi, 2 books
Kitamura, Sō., 2 books
Tsukamoto, Kunio., 2 books
Yamaguchi, Masao, 2 books
Nakanishi, Susumu, 2 books
Hangai, Yasuaki, 2 books
Gōzō Shioda, 2 books
Kotaro Iizawa, 2 books
Shoichi Ozawa, 2 books
Hisae Nagadome, 2 books


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