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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Oscar Hertwig, 26 books
August Weismann, 23 books
Eduard Strasburger, 22 books
Karl Diehl, 15 books
Ernst Haeckel, 14 books
Huene, Friedrich R. Freiherr von, 12 books
Othenio Abel, 12 books
Molisch, Hans, 11 books
Adolf Wilhelm Ferdinand Damaschke, 11 books
No name, 11 books
Franz Oppenheimer, 10 books
Burkhard Frenzel, 10 books
Verworn, Max, 10 books
E. Korschelt, 8 books
Ferdinand Kniep, 7 books
Othmar Spann, 7 books
Jakob Baxa, 7 books
Ludwig Elster, 7 books
Robert Wiedersheim, 7 books
Ziegler, Ernst, 7 books
Ernst Mach, 7 books
G. Kurth, 6 books
Ehrenberg, Richard, 6 books
Bernhard Harms, 6 books
Theo Surányi-Unger, 6 books

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