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Ferozsons Publisher - 425 works / 3 ebooks

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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Masudul Hasan, 12 books
Muzaffar A. Ghaffaar, 10 books
Abdur Rauf, 8 books
Ferozsons., 5 books
Naz, 4 books
Isaac Asimov, 4 books
Razia Batt, 4 books
A. Hamid, 4 books
Syed Abdul Quddus, 4 books
Abdur Rauf, 4 books
G. Allana, 4 books
R. A. Jairazbhoy, 3 books
Omar Kureshi, 3 books
Maqbul Jahangir., 3 books
Sirājuddīn Ẓafar, 3 books
Mohammad Yunus Hasrat, 3 books
F. S. Aijazuddin, 3 books
Juhi Shahin, 3 books
Sayid Ghulam Mustafa, 2 books
Jāvīd Iqbāl, 2 books
Khwaja Jamil Ahmad, 2 books
Zahid Hussain Anjum, 2 books
Samuel Nisenson, 2 books
Muhammad Yusuf Saraf, 2 books
M. Yaqub Awan, 2 books


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