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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Helen Exley, 20 books
Bill Stott, 9 books
Pam Brown, 4 books
Joanna Kidney, 4 books
Roland Fiddy, 3 books
Maureen Maddren, 3 books
Don Aslett, 3 books
Anna Sproule, 2 books
Exley Publishing, 2 books
Myrna Daitz, 2 books
EXLEY, 2 books
Mark Bryant, 2 books
Theresa Larsen Crenshaw, 2 books
Angela Lansbury, 2 books
Joseph Bharat Cornell, 1 book
Toni Goffe, 1 book
John Doidge, 1 book
Susan Seliger, 1 book
Lucas, John, 1 book
Marcella Markham, 1 book
David Pye, 1 book
Peter Rigby, 1 book
Vicki Lansky, 1 book
Dorothy Ng, 1 book
Michael Emmett, 1 book


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