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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ronald Searle, 18 books
Norman Thelwell, 14 books
Lancaster, Osbert Sir, 12 books
Glen Baxter, 11 books
William Hewison, 9 books
Russell Partridge Brockbank, 9 books
H. M. Bateman, 8 books
Gerard Hoffnung, 8 books
Andy Riley, 8 books
Susan Herbert, 8 books
Michael Heath, 8 books
W. Heath Robinson, 8 books
George Cruikshank, 8 books
Reggie Smythe, 7 books
Steadman, Ralph., 7 books
Simon Drew, 7 books
Leech, John, 6 books
Larry., 6 books
Mike Peyton, 6 books
Ralph Steadman, 6 books
Roland Fiddy, 6 books
Thelwell, 6 books
Nicolas Bentley, 6 books
Caldecott, Randolph 1846-1886., 6 books
Gerald Scarfe, 5 books


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