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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Hogarth, 26 books
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, 5 books
John Trusler, 5 books
Robert L. S. Cowley, 4 books
Ronald Paulson, 4 books
Ireland, John, 3 books
Dobson, Austin, 3 books
John Trusler, 3 books
Edward Garnett, 2 books
Joseph Burke, 2 books
Gaunt, William, 2 books
Ebenezer Forrest, 2 books
John Treadwell Nichols, 2 books
Judy Egerton, 2 books
Austin Dobson, 2 books
George Augustus Sala, 2 books
Bindman, David., 2 books
David Dabydeen, 2 books
Bernd W. Krysmanski, 2 books
David Bindman, 2 books
C. Lewis Hind, 2 books
David Bindman, 2 books
John Timbs, 2 books
Derek Jarrett, 2 books
E. D. H. Johnson, 1 book


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