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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
McPherson, John, 17 books
Sidney Harris, 17 books
Robert Crumb, 11 books
Bil Keane, 11 books
Callahan, John, 9 books
Bruce Cochran, 8 books
Gahan Wilson, 8 books
Paul Michael Szep, 8 books
Jack Ohman, 7 books
Dan Piraro, 7 books
George Gately, 7 books
Edward Koren, 6 books
Herbert Block, 6 books
John Troy, 6 books
Rob Portlock, 6 books
S. Gross, 6 books
Gary Larson, 5 books
Booth, George, 5 books
Fisher, George, 5 books
Steve Moore, 5 books
Bob Artley, 5 books
Dan Reynolds, 4 books
Clyde Wells, 4 books
Preston, Charles, 4 books
Peters, Mike, 4 books


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