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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael E. Lamb, 8 books
Henry B. Biller, 6 books
Armin A. Brott, 5 books
Eric Carle, 5 books
Stanley H. Cath, 4 books
Harriet Ziefert, 4 books
Jean Marzollo, 4 books
Avi, 4 books
Angela Johnson, 4 books
Alan R. Gurwitt, 4 books
Ken R. Canfield, 4 books
Wassilios E. Fthenakis, 3 books
Anne Gutman, 3 books
Tim Russert, 3 books
Janet Lawler, 3 books
Charlie W. Shedd, 3 books
P. K. Hallinan, 3 books
Carol Kort, 3 books
Bruce Linton, 3 books
Helen Exley, 3 books
Ronnie Friedland, 3 books
George D. Durrant, 3 books
Jack Feuer, 3 books
Susan Walzer, 3 books
Giovanni Livera, 3 books


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