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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Andrew C. McCarthy, 8 books
Theodore Dalrymple, 7 books
David Horowitz, 6 books
Roger Kimball, 6 books
Roy W. Spencer, 6 books
John H. Fund, 6 books
Victor Davis Hanson, 5 books
James Piereson, 5 books
Collier, Peter, 5 books
Wesley J. Smith, 5 books
David Gratzer, 4 books
Bruce S. Thornton, 4 books
Amir Taheri, 4 books
William McGowan, 4 books
Joshua Muravchik, 4 books
Fred Siegel, 3 books
Anne B. Hendershott, 3 books
Erika Bachiochi, 3 books
Gilbert Meilaender, 3 books
Michael Novak, 3 books
Guy Sorman, 3 books
Conrad Black, 3 books
Mark Krikorian, 3 books
Michael Arthur Ledeen, 3 books
Stein, Harry, 3 books

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