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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Guido Knopp, 13 books
Marie Louise Fischer, 11 books
Stefan Heym, 10 books
A. E. Johann, 10 books
Willi Heinrich, 10 books
Bergius, C. C., 8 books
Adolf Schlatter, 8 books
Trenker, Luis, 8 books
Hans Otto Meissner, 7 books
Gregor von Rezzori, 7 books
Heinz G. Konsalik, 6 books
Theo Löbsack, 5 books
Gerhart Hauptmann, 5 books
Gustaf Dalman, 5 books
Alfred Ernst Johann, 5 books
Franz Josef Degenhardt, 5 books
Hans Hellmut Kirst, 5 books
Eduard König, 4 books
Paul Althaus, 4 books
Gerhard Wahrig, 4 books
Bernt Engelmann, 4 books
Friedrich Vogelsang, 4 books
Heike Doutiné, 4 books
Hans Hass, 3 books
Paul Fechter, 3 books

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